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Get Your Free VPN Now

VPNHouse wants to make sure that everyone may get high-quality security free of charge. At VPNHouse, free access to fast, dependable VPN servers makes people safer. The VPN services are becoming crucial, especially with the integration of technology in our business and personal tasks. Free, simple protection can lessen the risk that devices connected to the Internet represent.

Why is Our VPN Free?

This VPN solution was initially created by our developers solely for their use, but they later felt that it could be made as readily available as possible for everyone without a cost. We offer free VPN services and our solution is available on GitHub and the service is free for all users.

Unlimited VPN Data
We remove the data cap so you can play online games, watch videos online, and download big files as much as you like.

Connect Automatically
To automatically connect to the best server and protect your data, use the VPNHouse apps for your phone, desktop, router, or other devices.

Securely Watch Globally
No matter where you are, you can watch your material safely with VPNHouse. Access social networking, video, and music instantly from anywhere worldwide.

Quick Setup on Desktop and Mobile

Whether you want to set up our VPN service on desktop or mobile, choose from our two products. We have a public option that connects you with shared servers. It includes a no-log policy, 2 to 5 virtual locations, and shared bandwidth. The private option offers additional features such as managed bandwidth, dedicated IP, and a management panel. You can connect unlimited devices with a private server VPN. To become our private user, you have to rent a virtual server from another service provider and install our product to that server.

You can easily set up our VPN service on your smartphone and laptops. Just download the application VPNHouse in stores for Android and Windows. The application is still not available on iOS, but our team is working on it. We will launch the app for IOS devices in the mid of 2023.

Also, you can use the WireGuard client application to set up the VPN settings. You will find all the information to set-up our VPN service on our User Guide. Also, you can talk with our experts to learn more about our VPN service and setup process. They will guide the best option to choose according to your usage.

Is Free VPN Safe?

Whether a free VPN is safe or not depends on the service provider you choose. If you register with our private or public VPN options, you can safely browse the web and hide network information regardless of your location

Our code is entirely accessible on GitHub, which ensures transparency and dedication. Anyone is welcome to review it. Investigating the code, you can reckon accordingly that, we do not track user activity, meaning that our service offers the highest level of privacy.

Especially if your internet connection is made through a public Wi-Fi network, virtual private networks are crucial for online security. You may access prohibited websites and get around censorship with them, among many other wonderful advantages. Their greatest asset, though, is the level of online privacy they offer.

In the modern era of online security, VPN is strongly advised. The possibility that your personal information has been compromised increased in 2020 due to a 273% increase in large-scale data breaches. That doesn't even consider how many minor breaches occurred and how many people were hurt. But, governments are taking steps to protect businesses from data breach and cyberattacks. Still, many businesses generate money by collecting and sharing customers’ data to other businesses for marketing purposes. All of these issues exist, and users have very few options at their disposal to address them.

Protecting your business from security breaches is a key strategy for long-term success because cybercriminals target small businesses to obtain access to employee and customer data and trade secrets.

Knowing that VPNs are secure for businesses helps you realize how crucial it is for your organization to use one to enhance security. Security breaches are a serious concern in 2023, so it's critical to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard your company's data.

Security blunders have significantly increased as remote work has become a regular practice at companies during — and probably after — the pandemic.

A VPN excels in this situation. A free VPN from VPNHouse will encrypt your online activities, safeguarding you from anyone attempting to access the network, whether working from home or in a coffee shop. You'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every member of your employees is safely secured, no matter where they are, especially with a business account managed by your IT department.

More Reasons to Use VPNHouse

The list of advantages of using our VPN service goes on. Here are some additional benefits we offer to our clients:

No-log Policy
The no-log policy means that VPNHouse doesn’t gather your information and data to resources that you will use, including IP addresses, geo-location, session information, and used bandwidth. Many VPN service providers claim that they carefully handle their users’ data. However, they should offer a no-log policy and should store and gather their users’ data.

Traffic Encryption
Data protection strategies include the use of encryption technologies. It offers improved security and suits with compliance standards. Your internet traffic is encrypted by our VPN service, which also hides your real identity online. This makes it more challenging for outside parties to monitor your internet activities and steal data, and real-time encryption is employed.

Non-Personalized Ads
Using our free VPN service, you don’t have to worry about personalized ads. We ensure that your connection is private and secure.

The encrypted server offered by VPNHouse conceals your IP address from businesses, authorities, and would-be hackers. A VPN secures your privacy and keeps your data hidden from snooping online eyes when using shared or public Wi-Fi.