·Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. Subscription Period and Prices

You have the right to cancel your Subscription at any time, which will turn off auto-renewals for the upcoming Service period. Please note that cancelled Subscriptions will not be refunded for the unused portion of the ongoing Service period. The process for cancelling the Subscription and eligibility for a refund may differ depending on whether you purchased Services directly from VPNHouse or through a third party, such as an app store, service provider, or retailer.

2. Refund

We aim to ensure your complete satisfaction with our Services. You may request a refund within thirty (30) days following your initial purchase ("Refund Period"). However, all refund requests are subject to approval by our support team. Refunds may be granted on a case-by-case basis, and we encourage you to reach out to our support team to discuss any issues or concerns you may have before requesting a refund.

3. Payment of Refund

Upon approval of your refund request, we will promptly process it and pay the refund using the same payment method as the one used for the original purchase, unless otherwise agreed upon or prohibited by applicable law or payment service provider limitations.

If the original payment was made using cryptocurrency, the refund will be made in the same cryptocurrency or an alternative cryptocurrency if the original one becomes unavailable or impractical to use. The cryptocurrency refund amount will be calculated based on the equivalent USD price at the time of purchase.

Please note that prepaid cards or gift card payments may not be eligible for a refund if the card provider does not support such refunds. Once the refund is issued, you will lose access to the Services for which you were refunded.

Please be advised that all additional transaction fees associated with your refund are borne by you.

4. Subscriptions Purchased via App Stores or Other Providers

Refunds for Subscriptions acquired from third-party app stores, retailers, and resellers are subject to the terms of service of the respective providers from whom the Services were purchased. Cancellation of such Subscriptions may also be governed by the specific terms of those providers.