VPNHouse User Guide

We make our solution for those who find security on the Internet important. It’s not a common solution. Simply follow this guide to get your own, secure, reliable VPN in no time.


We offer two options how you can use VPNHouse solution:

Public servers allow you to establish VPN connection in less than 5 minutes and guarantee safe surfing, traffic encryption and virtual IP of the selected location.

Your private server is a little bit nerdy solution, takes more time to setup (up to 30 minutes), but in addition of public servers features it comes with tones of advantages such as dedicated IP, fully controlled VPN-node with a management panel and unlimited number of devices.

Public and private servers comparison

Feature Public server Private server
No-log Policy
Traffic Encryption
Dedicated IP
Management Panel
Virtual Location 2-5 1 (custom)
Bandwidth Shared Managed
Device limit 1 No limits
Cost Free Free

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