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VPNHouse private servers

The process is friendly for beginners and consists of 4 steps. It takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

You will need two parts to get a working solution. This guide covers both: Tunnel Node installation on server and client application setup on your desktop or mobile device

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Get a virtual private server

You will need to rent a private server (usually virtual, but it is up to you). Location of your server is important because it will be used instead of your physical location after VPN connection is established (This is how you hide and protect yourself in the Internet)

VPS (Virtual Private server)

Minimal requirements

OSLatest Ubuntu 20.04or any Linux distributive with kernel version 5.6+

We find following offers reliable and reasonably priced
Your provider will supply you with a username and a password to access your server. Keep them safe. We will need those further in this guide.

Setup your Virtual Private Server

You will need a computer with an Internet connection on this step

The process is slightly different for different OS, pick yours and follow the guide:


Setup the server application

You will need a computer with an internet connection on this step

1. Open browser and type “http://<VPS_IP>” to open our web application. <VPS_IP> is the same you have used on the previous step.

settings VPN windows

2. Setup a password for the administration page to prevent unauthorized access to your VPN server application

Keep this password safe it’s hard to reset this password
In case this is your first time, you will need to setup only a password.

3. Press “Save” button to save changes. You will be logged into the administration page automatically.

Get connection settings

1. You need to create a new “peer” (You may think about "peer" as any single physical device) on the administration page of the VPN server application by clicking on the “+ Add” button in the top-right corner of the screen:

VPN peers

2. A new screen with a form will popup. Usually, you will need to change the “device name” only. All the other fields are completely optional

VPN peer for client

3. Click on the “Save” button. It will close the current screen and show a QR code instead.

config file VPN
Be aware that you won't be able to see or download this particular config after the window is closed

4. Download the configuration file, we will use it later.

Install WireGuard application

Download the official WireGuard client for any popular platform:

Useful links

Feel free to contact us before, during, and after installation. In general, write us at anytime: