·Subscription Terms

Subscription Terms

These Subscription Terms govern the key aspects of your subscription to VPNHouse services and are to be read alongside our Terms of Service. VPNHouse’s service is available to you upon registration.

1. Subscription Period and Prices

All our paid services are offered on a Subscription basis. When purchasing our Services, you will select the desired subscription period and tariff, which will be stated in the purchase confirmation (e.g., the purchase or confirmation email sent upon subscription purchase).

The number of devices available for use under respective Subscription shall be determined by the terms of the respective Subscription

The renewal prices displayed on our website at the time of your initial purchase are subject to change. In case of a price change, you will be charged the then-current (changed) price at the time of automatic renewal.

We may collect, use, store, and transfer the following information that users choose to provide to us:
  • Acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Express consent for the automatic renewal of the Services

2. Automatic Renewal

At the end of your initial subscription period, your Subscription will be automatically renewed for an additional term as follows:
  • For 3-months Subscriptions, the renewal will be for a 3-months period.
  • For 6-months Subscriptions, the renewal will be for a 6-months period.
  • For 12-months Subscriptions, the renewal will be for a 12-months period.
You will be charged the then-current price of the Services valid at the time of renewal.

We will charge you for the upcoming Subscription period on the day of the of the Subscription renewal.

Receipts and Invoices
Upon paying for the first Subscription period and after every renewal of your Subscription you will receive a receipt along with the purchase confirmation via email. You can access your billing history by clicking the "Billing history" button in your app or on our website.

3. Chargebacks

We reserve the right to immediately suspend access to the Services, without prior notice, in the event we receive notice of a Chargeback (as defined below). Contacting your bank or credit / debit card provider and rejecting, cancelling or contesting the charge of any fees payable in connection with your use of the Services (a “Chargeback”) will be considered a breach of your payment obligations under these Terms. We also reserve the right (although we are not obliged) to dispute any Chargeback received in connection with your Account. We may choose to delete your Account and take reasonable steps to restrict your future access to our Services if we believe at our sole discretion that you have maliciously requested a Chargeback.